Mistakes you make that kills the attraction he has towards you

Mistakes you make with him: If you keep finding yourself in heartbreaking, dead end relationships, listen up. Lately, I’ve noticed some deeper reasons why women struggle with attracting a good man and keeping a healthy relationship with him going. If you see yourself on this list, don’t worry, it’s all fixable and I’ve been there too. Here are seven sneaky mistakes women make with men: * You hate being single. There is a difference between genuinely wanting to enjoy a relationship and feeling as though you’re secretly doomed if you’re not coupled up. The problem with really wanting a relationship is that it gives off a needy vibe that guys perceive as “it doesn’t matter if she really likes ME, she just wants someone.” This needy energy puts him in the driver’s seat and kills the opportunity to win you over with the chase. If you’re already in a relationship, not being comfortable with your own company will cause you to settle for situations that are wrong for you because being alone is scarier than anything else. That brings me to the next point… *You think a man will bring you happiness. Relationships are not the cure-all for your happiness problem. While romantic love is one of the most beautiful, trans-formative experiences there is — expecting a man to make you happy is simply unrealistic. Being happy with your life just the way it is already is a huge secret to attracting a good man. People are magnetically drawn to happy people. Because people get this backwards so often, they don’t understand why they fail to attract love. You have to be happy first, and then the love and relationship can come into your life. * You’re too eager to have children or merge a family. Finding a family man who wants to have children or parent yours (if you’re a single mother) is an amazing thing. And, it is definitely NOT WRONG to want children. You are absolutely entitled to what you want your life to look like. The problem is that when women look for a man to have a family with, sometimes they come off like that’s way more important than falling in love and having a good relationship. Marriage and children are very high stakes activities for men — so when they meet a woman who’s so focused on the family and less on what he’s like, it is a complete turnoff. I understand why this happens. If you’re in your 30’s, want children, and are single, the clock is ticking for healthy biological children. If you’re a single mother, you cherish your children and want to meet someone who would be good with them. Either way, the pressure to meet a family friendly man can be big. The problem happens when women pass this pressure unto men — even when they don’t mean to. Sometimes women try to “cut to the chase” and ask a man if he wants a family right away. Sometimes women try to figure out whether a man might be open to marriage without really getting to know a man first. While not wanting to waste time makes sense on paper, in reality, it makes the man in front of you bolt. Also, wanting the same things is important. However, these are not topics to discuss on the first few dates when you’re getting to know someone before you’ve both even figured out if there’s a mutual attraction.

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