Italian pizza

Pizza is a delicious food/snack given to us by the Italians. Pizza is basically hard bread with some toppings. Every Pizza must have cheese, if not it will not be Pizza. The great thing about Pizza is that you can use any food item for the topping For a 12-inch diameter Pizza, you will need: 330g plain flour (all purpose flour) 5g or 2 teaspoons yeast 4 tablespoons olive oil 170mls warm water 1 teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon sugar Margarine (for the oven tray) TOPPINGS . 300g mozzarella cheese 5 tablespoons Tomato Stew 3 mushrooms 1 tbsp minced/ground meat Pepperoni Green bell pepper Red bell pepper 2 tablespoons olive oil Utensils and Equipment Pizza cutter Kitchen towels, plastic film Oven, Brush, Bowls, Sieve etC Directions for making Pizza Mix the Pizza dough 1. Sift the plain flour into a clean dry bowl. The bowl should be big enough for mixing the flour and other ingredients. 2. Sifting airs the flour and breaks up any lumps making it easier to mix. 3. Add the yeast to the dry flour and mix. This is important so the salt (added next) does not touch the yeast. 4. Add the sugar and salt and mix very well. 5. Then add the olive oil and mix very well. 6. Start adding the warm water and mix with a spatula at the same time till all the water has been absorbed. 7.Then  continue by hand till a smooth soft dough is achieved. Fold the dough and place it in the bowl. Cover the bowl with a thin plastic film or a warm towel and place in a warm place for the dough to rise for 1 hour. I usually put this in the oven (turned OFF). Prepare the oven tray Traditionally, Pizza is laid on a pizza stone and baked in a clay oven but unless you live in a beautiful Italian countryside, what most of us have is a standard kitchen oven. And you most probably do not have a pizza stone. So, we will place this Pizza in an oven tray and bake it in a standard kitchen oven. Rub some margarine in your oven tray, making sure that every part of the tray is covered with a thin layer of margarine. You can also use soft butter for this. Sprinkle some flour on it making sure the flour covers all the margarine. When done, pour out the excess flour. Continue with the Pizza dough
  1. After 1 hour, bring out the Pizza dough from the warm place. You’ll notice that the pizza dough is puffy.
  2. Knead it for a bit and transfer to the oven tray. Start spreading the dough in a circular motion like this till it’s about 12 inches in diameter.
  3. The dough may resist as you do this but keep going till you can get the dough to spread as wide as possible.When done, cover the dough and place in a warm place to rise again for 45 minutes.
prepare pizza topping 1.  While waiting for the Pizza dough to rise a second time, wash and slice the vegetables for the pizza topping. 2. Fry the minced beef in a small amount of vegetable oil. It is OK when the beef turns pale. 3. Prepare the tomato sauce for the pizza by adding stock cube, onion powder and salt to some Tomato Stew (fresh          tomato puree fried in vegetable oil). 4. You can also add other dry herbs you love. Back to the Pizza dough 1.After 45 minutes, bring out the pizza dough from the warm place and you will notice that the dough has puffed up again. It is also easier to manipulate so spread it out more. 2. Rub some olive oil on the dough. 3. Spread the tomato sauce. 4. Then sprinkle the cheese on top. Bake and enjoy! 1.  Put the pizza in a preheated oven (180°C or 360F) and bake for 20 to 25 minutes or till the pizza crust is light                brown and the cheese is liquefied by the heat. 2. Bring the pizza out from the oven and place the rest of the toppings on top. 3. Put it back in the oven and bake for 2 minutes maximum, you do not want the vegetables to become dull. That’s it!

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